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Best Accessories for PS4 2017: Controllers, hard drives, and more

As a PS4 owner, you happen to be in the lucky position of being spoilt for choice when it comes to essential accessories for the PS4. The system has more than its share of must-have accessories as well as some very nice luxury items on top. In this guide, we’ll be going through our top picks for the best accessories for PS4 that are available to buy right now.

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The essential PS4 accessories

Whether you’re a brand new PS4 owner, a seasoned PlayStation veteran or you’re only in the planning stages of your PS4 purchase, sooner or later you’re going to want to get yourself some accessories. While you can make do with just the console and one controller for a decent amount of time, there will come a day when you’re going to want or maybe even need something extra to compliment your gaming style.

So what are the essential PS4 accessories? Well, that depends on what kind of gamer you consider yourself to be. Some people dedicate themselves to racing games in such a big way that it warrants the purchase of a steering wheel controller. Others may be more focused on online multiplayer games, in which case a good high-quality headset should be a bigger priority. Perhaps fighting games take pride of place, in which case an arcade style fight stick should sit next to your PS4 at all times.

What accessories you’ll need for your PS4 should be entirely based around the games you play, the way you play them and what you plan on playing in the future. Of course, like any purchase, a budget will also be a factor, and some accessories are definitely more affordable than others. That being said, there’s a whole lot of fun to be had by getting the absolute best accessory for the job. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a broad list of the absolute best accessories available for PS4 today, consider these our top picks for what you should probably own as a PS4 owner.

Best Accessories for PS4

DualShock 4 Controller

Dualshock 4z

First things first, one of the absolute must-haves when it comes to buying accessories for a PS4 is an extra DualShock 4. You may think that you’ll only ever need one controller but trust me, sooner or later there will come a time when a friend will drop by, someone will visit from out of town, or maybe even your current controller will run out of charge or get lost somewhere. When any of those eventually happen, you’ll be glad that you went and got a second DualShock 4 controller ahead of time!

Not just a valuable item to have for any two player gaming experiences you might stumble into, it’s an excellent idea to have a second, fully charged-up controller ready and waiting just in case you find yourself in the midst of a difficult boss in Dark Souls or on the final lap of an intense Project CARS race — your controller suddenly dies! You won’t want to rush to find a USB cable when you could just swap one controller out for a new one and keep going almost instantly.

Plus, apart from all those logical reasons, look at all the pretty colours and patterns they come in now.

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DualShock 4 Charging Station

DualShock Charging Station

You know how we just mentioned about a controller dying at an inopportune moment? When that happens, you can have your second controller ready to go by giving it a place to live, that also charges it. Enter the DualShock 4 charging station which is a super tidy way to keep your DualShock controllers fully charged, as well as looking stylish when not in use. It plugs into any power outlet and will keep your controllers fully charged while they are resting on them. When you need to use one, just pick it up and go – when you’re done just place it back in its place and you never have to think about charging a controller ever again.

In the UK, Sony’s official option is by far your best bet and keeps everything looking sleek by holding the two DualShock controllers vertical, in a line. Over in the US, the only official option is from PowerA, which is a little different in design but functions the exact same way. The only real difference here is that instead of sitting in a line, the pair of DualShock controllers will face opposite directions.

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PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset

An absolute essential for anyone who plays a lot of games online, Sony’s Platinum Wireless Headset is, in fact, one of the best headsets you can get on a PS4. Sony has spent a lot of time, money and effort in perfecting the tech behind the Platinum Wireless headset and it really shows. Everything from its beautiful silver headband design, in-line and discreet microphones, extra cushioned earpads, all the way to its advanced 3D audio technology that interacts specifically with certain PS4 titles, separates this headset from the rest of the competition.

Audio quality, as you may expect from the attention given to its ‘3D audio’ tech, is stellar and from our testing, the in-line microphone picks up sound very well, even if the quality isn’t quite perfect. Price-wise, Sony’s official wireless headset falls somewhere in between a budget set of cans and one of the more luxurious pairs of headphones from manufacturers like Sennheiser. It’s not a cheap impulse buy, but it’s genuinely very difficult to go wrong with a set of these.

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PlayStation Plus Subscription

ps plus

As far as I’m concerned, a PlayStation Plus subscription is something that absolutely every PS4 owner should have.  Not only do you need a PlayStation Plus subscription to actually play games online with other people, you’ll also get a whole host of nice goodies and bonuses for being a subscriber.

Specifically, and probably the biggest reason to sign up in the first place, is that each month Sony makes a different set of games available to download for absolutely no extra cost. As long as you continue being a PS Plus subscriber, those games are yours to keep, absolutely free. With upwards of four games available each month, this one absolutely pays for itself in time.

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Logitech Driving Force G29 Steering Wheel

logitech g29

This one’s for the die-hard racing fans. If you’re the type to spend hours playing through entire F1 championships, or repeatedly returning to career modes in Project CARS, or racing countless online races in DriveClub or any number of other games, it’s a no-brainer to get yourself a good quality steering wheel controller at some point.

That’s where the Logitech Driving Force G29 comes in. Offering a beautiful balance of force-feedback mechanics, 900° wheel rotation, a 24-position adjustment dial, gear shift lever and a set of pedals with auto calibration and a carpet grip, it’s damn near faultless. Put simply, the G29 is one of the best PS4 compatible steering wheel controllers available today. As an added bonus, this one will work on your PC as well as your PS4, just in case you wanted to sneak it into another room sometime.

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Mad Catz SFV FightStick Alpha for PS4 & PS3

Mad Catz SFV Stick

Listen up, fight fans. Just like a steering wheel controller is a must-have for driving game fans, if you play countless hours of Street Fighter, King of Fighters, Tekken, Mortal Kombat or other similar fighting game, it just makes sense to get yourself an arcade style fight stick and hone your skills where it matters most.

The Mad Catz SFV FightStick Alpha was designed to be used on PS3 or PS4 and with Street Fighter V in mind. That said, you don’t need to use it on that game specifically to get the most out of it. With its ultra-compact design and a full eight-button layout, this one should fit naturally in the hands of any fighting game master. On top of that, the Alpha model is one of the most affordable fight sticks on the market today.

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2TB Replacement Hard Drive

Seagate 2TB

As we said at the start of this article, the PS4’s latest firmware update enables the use of external hard drives to boost storage space. If that sounds like your thing, head over to our article on the best external hard drive for PS4. However, if instead of adding something to the outside of your console, you prefer the idea of upgrading the existing hard drive to pack more of a punch and store more games, the PS4 makes that incredibly simple.

Better still, while you’re upgrading the storage space of your hard drive (we recommend packing a full 2TB drive into your console to at least somewhat future proof yourself), why not go the extra mile and grab yourself one of these Seagate FireCuda hybrid SSHDs. Sitting somewhere between the transfer speeds of hard drives and the much more expensive SSDs, the SSHD is a beautiful compromise between budget and power that will make a noticeable difference.

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PlayStation VR


The future is here and apparently, it’s in virtual reality. In 2016, Sony brought out the world’s most affordable virtual reality headset in the PlayStation VR – or PS VR if you’re one of the cool kids. That being said, it might be the cheapest, but it certainly doesn’t mean it’s lacking on any major fronts. Also, “Cheapest” here is  a relative term, as it’ll still cost you a pretty penny.

With an ever-increasing library of VR games available for the PS4, and with more and more of these things flying off shelves and into homes, it’s a good bet that more developers will begin making games with PlayStation VR in mind. If you needed convincing that you can get some serious gameplay experiences out of the PS VR, look no further than Resident Evil 7 which can be played in its entirety inside one of these things.

Where to find PlayStation VR –

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In the US

PlayStation 4 Camera

PS4 Camera

One of the things you’ll need to own if you do plan on getting yourself a PlayStation VR headset is the PlayStation 4 Camera. These were available all the way back at the launch of the PlayStation 4, but have only really come into their own and become a must-have accessory with the release of the PS VR.

Combine that headset with one of these recently redesigned cameras and you’ll be approaching the full PlayStation 4 experience.

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The latest accessories for PS4

Of course, the options don’t stop there. These are just a few of our favourites when it comes to the ever-expanding list of accessories for PS4. We’ll update this page when we feel there are fancy new must-have accessories available for PS4, so be sure to check back at a later date. In the meantime, this should be a good guide to choosing the coolest bits of tech to compliment your PS4 system. Have fun!

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