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Advent Calendar

The 15 Best Advent Calendars for Adults 2017

Ah, the modern advent calendar. Gone are the days of rubbish chocolates and cheap hoo-hahs, instead your festive count-down can be a cornucopia of nerd-some goodness and festive debauchery. Whether your preferred poison is coffee, dinosaurs or delicious pork, we’ve rounded up the best and most unusual advent calendars you can buy right now. Let’s take a closer look at the best advent calendars for adults out there.

Brew-tiful Coffee advent calendar

Coffee Advent Calendar 2017 Jelly Deals Christmas

Stay perky throughout the winter with this highly sophisticated coffee advent calendar. Not only can you pick your grind (this is serious coffee connoisseur territory), each door opens a freshly sealed packet of coffee that’s enough for one cup. With grounds ranging from Brazil to Malawi, this calendar’ll keep you wide-eyed throughout the entire festive season.

Craft Beer advent calendar

Honet Brew craft Beer Advent Calendar 2017 Christmas Jelly Deals

Whether you’re a hardened beer aficionado or just enjoy guzzling  brew down the pub, this calendar featuring some stylish and craft beers is just the ticket for you. With a whoppin’ 19 varities of beer, including pales, IPAs, stouts, porters and sours, you ‘ll discover a whole bunch of interesting drinks from all over the world.

Craft Beer Calendar Christmas 2017 Advent Calendar Adults

Alternatively, this collection at Amazon also features an amazin’ selection of brews, with beers from Norway, USA, Germany and beyond.

Gin advent calendar

gin Advent calendar 2017 Christmas 2017

Ah Christmas, a time for family, food and home-based boozing benders. Block out this Christmas, and all the festive joy leading up to it in  style with this fabulous gin calendar. Featuring gins old and new, classic and novel, you can drink whilst expanding your cultural horizons.

Gin Advent Calendar Gin Company Amazon Jelly Deals

Count down to Christmas in style with this gin calendar that features a selection of award winning gins from different bottlers. A few that really stand out include Spit-Roasted pineapple gin, and one made of botanicals that have been shot in space

 Absinthe advent calendar

Ah Christmas, a time for family, food and catastrophic home-based boozing tours that’ll continue to haunt you well into the twilight of your years. Block out this Christmas, and every single Christmas that has ever come before, with this lovely and rather unusual Absinthe advent calendar. Favoured by 18th century libertines and hallucinating writers over the years, what better time to embrace the green fairy then Christmas?

Whisky advent calendar

whiskey advent calendar 2017 Jelly Deals Christmas

Ensure the endless love of any whiskey fans in your life with this splendid whiskey advent calendar, which features samples from whiskey bottles that cost up to £600 a bottle! Whether your tastes lean to Scotch, Irish, American, Swedish or Taiwainese, this set has something to bedazzle and savour at every turn.

Whiskey Boutique Company Advent Calendar Christmas

Behind each of these windows waits a cute lil’ 30ml dram of whiskey lovingly poured from an independent bottler. There’s a real gamut of whisky varieties, including single malts, award-winning blends and rare whiskies from closed distilleries.

 Retro radio advent calendar

Retro radio advent calendar build Christmas 2017 Jelly Deals

Build your own retro radio with this unusual advent calendar. Each day will reveal not booze, chocolate or beauteous trinkets, but a cold hard electrical component with connected experiment, which will eventually culminate in a fully working retro radio. Full instruction manual included, this one looks super cool and is perfect for unleashing your mad scientist side, or keeping any tinkerers occupied.

Pork crackling advent calendar

ork crackling advent calendar Christmas 2017

Say no to chocolate and yes to delicious pork with this pork crackling hog roast calendar courtesty of the good folk at Snaffling Pig. Each door will reveal a tiny bag of freshly sealed porky joy, guaranteeing you a piggin’ merry Christmas all round.

Dinosaur advent calendar

Dinosaur Advent Calendar Christmas 2017 jelly Deals

Nothing spells Christmas more than the festive Christmas Velico-wraptor, his deep-sea primordial friends and a lovingly painted stegosaurus skeleton. Get these and more with this wonderful dinosaur advent calendar.  And before you ask, of course there’s a baby Tyrannosaurus Rex!

Chocolate advent calendar

There’s heaps of chocolate advent calendars out there, but we’re particularly taken with the top-tier quality of Hotel Chocolat chocolates, which are both unbelievably delicious, unusual and cater to a range of budgets. They have quiet the selection including a truffles for couples box (or the “double chocolate for singles” box), a “Snow Good” Christmas theme, and an epic box that features such treats as salted caramel vodka and treacle tart. 

Lego Star Wars advent calendar

Lego Star Wars Advent calendar Christmas 2017 Jelly Deals

Get into the Sithmas sprit with this glorious new Star Wars Lego calendar, which you can grab at Amazon. Each day you’ll reveal one of 24 different Lego Star Wars themed gifts —including eight mini figures, a ton of vehicles and spaceships (such as the tiniest Millennium Falcon ever), a Jakku playmat and weapons. Personally, we can’t choose between the dashing Poe Dameron figurine or the Santa BB-8 on a snowboard. Yay for rebels!


Amazon Beauty advent calendar

Amazon beauty Advent Calendar

Worth over £185, this £50 advent calendar from Amazon is sure to impress any beauty lovers in your life. It features a range of  brands from the high-street to full-fledged luxury. As you can imagine the more expensive the brand, the smaller the featured product, but at this value that’s not really surprising. That said however, there’s a range of interesting and modern beauty products in here that should make for a novel make-over or bath-time.

Body Shop advent Calendar

Body Shop Advent Calendar

A little pricier, this Body Shop beauty advent calendar is an ideal alternative for anyone in your life who’s inclined toward more natural products. It features some fantastic tools, like slanted tweezers and lash curlers, make-up, and a range of lush smelling bath and skin treats.


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