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Finding the best St. Patrick’s Day Hat for 2018

We’re almost there – St. Patrick’s Day is almost here and this week, why not get in early and invest in the best St. Patrick’s Day hat possible. Whether you fancy donning oodles of green to fend off leprechauns, or to display your affinity for Guinness, we’ve scoured the luckiest toppers, boaters and bowlers out there; giving you more time to raise hell down with only the finest (likely green) headgear.

Once you’ve got the questionable hat, it’s time to pick up some supplies to have the very best St. Patrick’s Day party in the known universe. We’ve got a guide to the 10 things to get for the best St. Patrick’s Day party which should help you out.

For the gold-lovers: Green and gold shamrock Hat

Emblazoned with a multitude of shiny gold shamrocks, this glitzy hat is perfect for keeping impish spirits at bay.

Green and gold shamrock hat for £3.54 from Party Packs

For the dandy leprechaun: Velvet shamrock hat

This dashing dark green velvet leprechaun hat comes with an embellished gold shamrock — ideal for flaunting your wealth and your brazen bohemian lifestyle. At under a fiver it leaves you an ample budget for tearing about the town.

Green velvet shamrock hat for £4.74 from Party Packs

For the luxury lover: Fancy leprechaun hat

Topped with a clover, sequins and a fancy feather; this hat is sure to compliment any reasonably sized head and wouldn’t look out at place at a poker game or rousing cabaret.

Fancy leprechaun hat for £5.94 from Party Packs

For the glam-junkie: Green glitter bowler

A great addition to any fancy dress party, this bowler is sure to bring a dash of the ol’ razzle dazzle wherever you may be staggering this Paddy’s day.

Green glitter bowler for £1.80 from Party Packs

For the plumage pioneer: Feathered headband hat

You would not believe the number of feathers on this bad boy; an amount seconded only by the sequins, and bonus frilling. Hilariously small, it fits on your head with a moderately concealed band. Enjoyed by both avant-garde artists and Gwen Stefani.

Feathered headband hat for £7.14 from Party Packs

For the adventurer: Shamrock fedora hat

Popular with explorers, gangsters and men’s rights activists, the fedora is both stylish and wind resilient. This one features a black buckle and shamrock detailing for that green-some Paddy’s day boost.

Shamrock fedora hat for £5.78 from Amazon

For the blue-blooded: Green top hat

Finally; a novelty hat fitting for a Royal wedding. Less “emblazoned” than some of the other headgear, it’s minimalist green colour and matching ribbon make for a fine topper.

Green top hat for £9.10 from Amazon

For the leafed: Shamrock hat

Whether you’re looking for a way to stand out at the parade or blend seamlessly into nearby topiary, this is the hat for you! Like a real shamrock, it’s green, leafy and abundant. Distinctly unlike a real shamrock, it features a gaping hole ideal for a human-sized head.

Shamrock hat for £6.77 from Amazon

For the monarch: Mini velvet hat

An adorable tiny top hat emblazoned with gold shamrocks sat atop a green tiara, it’s sure to get the adulation of your subjects.

Mini velvet hat for £4.42 from Amazon

For the entertainer: Sequin Fedora

A fancy fedora emblazoned with sequins and coloured a bright emerald green, it makes for an eye-catching headpiece whatever the occasion.

Green sequin fedora for £7.77 from Amazon

For the high-roller: Velvet bowler

Ah the ol’ faithful billycock, bob hat, bombín — historically associated with “city gents”, this particular velvet green bowler is totally down for business.

Green velvet bowler for £9.99 from Amazon

For the boisterous boozer: Guinness Hat

Showcase your affection for the iconic Irish stout with this huge plush hat ideal for merry good times all round.

Guinness hat for £13.28 from Amazon

For the come-hither leprechaun: Mini leprechaun hat

A perfect finishing touch for any leprechaun outfit, this top hat is tiny, green and buckled — just like everyone’s favourite bearded fairies.

Mini leprechaun hat for £4.01 from Amazon

For the daring detective: Sequin trilby

Once viewed as the rich man’s favoured hat; the trilby’s still as iconic as ever. This green sequined model features a debonair yellow band and flattering brim.

Sequin trilby for £12.15 from Amazon

For the comedian: Jester Hat

This bright jester’s hat even features cute jingly little bells which will no doubt be loved by your drinking companions.

Jester Hat for £4.79 from Amazon

For the gunslinger: Green glitter cowboy hat

Thematically linked to St. Patrick’s Day with the green and sequins, this wild cowboy hat is ideal for expertly wrangling pints, taxis and long-standing blood feuds.

Green glitter cowboy hat for £6.77 from Amazon

For the show-off: Giant leprechaun hat

The golden God of gigantic novelty hats, this psychedelic topper could comfortably hold a small dog; ideal if you’re looking to stash gold or freak out late night revellers.

Giant leprechaun hat for £20.99 from Halloween Costumes

Those are our top picks for the ‘best’ St. Patrick’s Day hat, but don’t forget to check out our guide to the 10 accessories you need to have the best St. Patrick’s Day party.

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