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Best anime blu ray to buy in 2018 so far

This year is a huge year in terms of anime releases; be it for sequels to previously existing series, brand new series, or movies you really need to catch up on from last year – there’s a ton you’ll want to buy, and if you aren’t a collector, now is definitely the time to start. With that in mind, we’ve gone ahead and gathered up our top picks. here’s a rundown of the best anime blu rays to watch and buy in 2018

Steins;Gate, the complete collection

Although there isn’t anything hugely special about this box set, you won’t find posters or art cards or any kind of flashy collectors box, the story that is contained is more than enough to suffice the value of the box set itself.

With the release of Steins;Gate 0 (the follow-up series) this year – it’s already out in Japan and available internationally via Crunchyroll – now is the perfect time to start up the finest addition to the science adventure series.

Following the plot of a group of teenage scientists who accidentally make a time machine out of a microwave and gain the ability to send text messages into the past to affect the future, the story is full of twists and turns that will pull you on an emotional rollercoaster that you honestly didn’t sign up for, but you’re glad you did.

The boxset itself covers 24 episodes and one special OVA over 4 discs, spanning over 600 hours of total watch time, it’s definitely more than worth the value, even just to catch up with Steins;Gate 0.

Persona 4 – The Animation

Although the Persona 4 animation has been available for viewing for almost 7 years, this makes my top recommended list this year due to the much anticipated Persona 5 animation’s release this year, and although the two series aren’t directly connected, this Persona 4 boxset with blu-ray and DVD combo, is more than enough to fill the waiting time between the episodes for the new series.

For those unfamiliar with the plot of Persona 4, it follows the events that come soon after a schoolboy moves into a small country town, when a large number of murders begin to occur and how him and his newly found group of friends, manage to get involved with a bizarre and dangerous world known as The “Midnight channel”.

The box set covers all 25 episodes included in the previous series of the animation, spanning over 9 discs (both blu-ray and DVD) and over 600 hours worth of content, it’s more than enough to fulfil your appetite for persona until the new Persona 5 episode is released.

A Silent Voice

Straying away from series with new and upcoming sequels, A Silent Voice is a fully animated feature film released last year, that gained a large amount of attention in the west, telling the story of a young girl with hearing impairment first entering school who is often bullied, the film then follows the boy who bullied her into his adult life and covers how he seeks her forgiveness for his behaviour as a child.

This film features striking visuals, a beautiful soundtrack and a touching story, it’s no wonder this film became so widely known among anime fans in the west and is definitely deserving of a watch, be it this year – or next.

This isn’t one you should miss out on.

Tokyo Ghoul – Complete Season One

Another amazing, highly successful anime, that gained a large amount of traction in the west that’s getting it’s sequel this year – Tokyo Ghoul: RE follows season 2 and is currently available to watch, but first – you’ll need to catch up (assuming you aren’t there yet)

Tokyo Ghoul follows the plot of a teenage boy living in Tokyo who becomes half ghoul after being attacked and how he slowly has to adjust to his life and the changes he needs to make being a ghoul – shown the way by fellow people of his kind. If you aren’t too afraid of a little bit of gore and a little bit of spookiness, this is definitely something I’d give a watch.

The blu-ray boxset covers the entire of the first season, and so is perfect for anyone new wanting to get into the series – it contains all 11 episodes over a total of 300 minutes.

Your Name

Another feature-length animated film that made a lot of ripples last year, Your Name has even become popular amongst people who don’t typically follow anime releases. The film follows the plot of two teenagers who live completely separate, different lives who swap places at random and are forced into literally living a day in the life of each other. Getting amazing reviews from large-scale media outlets (even topping Amazon’s best-selling anime list), this film is more than definitely worth a recommendation for anyone to own.

Available as a standard blu-ray or a steelbook, there are a few options available – the steelbook is more than worth the value, as it comes with a collectable steel case, the film itself and the addition of the movie’s soundtrack.

Free – Eternal Summer

Free, a well-known slice of life anime about a school swim team and their challenges, is getting a brand new season this year that (as with many of the previously mentioned series) will release in Summer 2018.

The most recent season of the series is available to buy on blu-ray and gets an honourable mention in my recommended list for presentation alone.

The boxset is lovingly put together, with a beautiful presentation box, an artbook, a selection of art cards (each featuring a member of the swim team), a small set of stickers and 2 blu-ray discs which feature 13 episodes and over 300 minutes of cheerful goodness!

Food Wars Shokugeki no Soma

This will likely be the most divisive recommendation of the list. If you hate fanservice, this is definitely one to stop but if you don’t mind treating yourself to some fan-pandering every now and then, and you happen to enjoy a juicy story filled with fantastic recipes and a storyline that’ll keep you coming back, then this one is for you.

Food Wars is currently onto its third season, so what better time to jump onboard and binge-watch the entire first season of the show on Blu ray. This series follows a young man raised as a chief in a small family-owned diner and his journey through a specialist culinary school, facing challenges along the way in order to stay afloat in the world of gourmet chefs.

Presented in a fun, and as previously mentioned, fanservice heavy manner, this show will leave you itching to get into the kitchen and try some recipes out for yourself.

The boxset itself is an absolute treat! Coming with a free poster featuring the main graphic of the series, and several art cards – it’s more than worth the purchase.

So that’s the list of recommended anime for 2018, with a large variety of releases this year there should definitely be something to cater to everyone’s tastes and needs even if you aren’t too adapted to the anime scene yet! Here’s hoping for another year of amazing releases, so next year we can get an even bigger list to you!

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