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Gifts for Gamers on Father’s Day 2018

Whether your dad loves shooting drones, shocking shrooms or saving throws, we’ve rounded up the perfect gifts for him this upcoming Father’s Day, as well as an unexpected nerdy delight or two.

Consoles old-school and future facing, fun co-op games perfect for family get-togethers, and the latest and greatest gaming tech abound this summer, so let’s take a look at what shiny new treats are best for your gamer Dad.

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For a sorcerer in training: Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set

Perfect if he dreams of entering the Abyss to slay a Demogorgon (or get eaten by one), fathers across the land may recall this table-top game from yesteryear. The root of all role-playing games in essence, Dungeons & Dragons has seen a resurgence of late.

This set comes has all he needs to set up an adventure, including assorted dice (there are many), a pre-written campaign, and a rulebook. Just add a dash of ‘mind-theatre’ and it’s dragons at dawn folks.

For a wanderin’ Dad: Nintendo Switch

The beauty of Nintendo’s latest hybrid console is its portability; Dad can play all games at home on the tv, or on the go, squeezing precious gaming time into even the most arduous commute.

All the Nintendo classics are present here, plus a whole host of new titles scoured from other platforms, such as the Binding of Isaac.

Additionally, all the fun of co-op gaming from the Nintendo Wii is present, with party games a-plenty.

For the heist partner: A Way Out

This compelling co-op game – which can be played locally or online – is a great one for Dad to play with friends or older kids. It follows two convicts making a dastardly prison escape in a retro-tastic 70’s universe.

The game-play style changes frequently to accommodate a fun range of action, puzzles and good old fashioned team problem solving, and adding a casual element to it.

For the whimsical Dad: Brothers A Tale Of Two Sons

For an equally poignant but more child-friendly experience, try Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. This BAFTA award-winning game follows two brothers traversing a mythical land filled with trolls, cogs and adorable chickens.

Players each take a side of the controller, guiding the two characters deeper into the story together. One brother is strong and slow, the other nimble and weak. They must combine forces to save their father.

For the old-school Dad: Super Nintendo Classic Edition

This fine retro gaming machine has the same look and feels as the beloved console from the past.

It is smaller however, so it’ll fit in your hand, and also comes pre-loaded with 21 games – including retro super-stars Mario, Zelda and Metroid.

Two wired controllers are provided for all your brawling needs. Just link up to your TV with the provided HDMI cable and you’re good to a-Mario-go-go.

For the explorer: Oculus Rift and Touch Controllers

If Dad wants to explore strange new worlds from the comfort of the couch, you can’t go far wrong with a Virtual Reality headset.

The Oculus headset requires a beast of a PC to run, but if he rolls with the PC, then this is just the gift for him.

It comes with six free titles, and the two touch controllers provided take game-play in virtual worlds to a whole new level.

For the retro-tastic dad: Sega Mega Drive / Genesis Flashback

Sonic, Mortal Kombat, and other familiar Sega-stars are all on this shiny refashioning of the original gaming machine.

81 classic titles in all come preloaded onto the console, plus two wired controllers and a SCART lead.

Also included in the box? A slice of sweet, sweet 90s nostalgia.

For the true gamer: Atari Flashback

A golden blast from the late seventies to the early eighties, the Atari Flashback 8 Gold packs in a ton of titles from that era – 120 in total, including Asteroids and Space Invaders. It also offers such far-flung options such as pause, resume and save game to make things a little less unforgiving.

The new-fangled-yet-distinctly-from-the-past Atari connects up via HDMI and features two wireless controllers in the much-loved joystick format.

For the truth-seeker: 221B Baker Street Game

Some dads love nothing more than uncovering a murder most foul. Heaven incarnate for sleuths, cads and deduction junkies, this board-game is packed with 75 intriguing mysteries lurking within the misty depths of Victorian London.

221B Baker Street requires 2-6 players, with each case taking around an hour and a half to complete. The known details of a mystery are revealed at the beginning of each round, after which players must use their deduction skills to un-Sherlock the truth.

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