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The best Borderlands merch and gifts in 2019

Borderlands 3 is very nearly upon us and, well, that’s rather exciting, isn’t it? Somewhat logically, the loot-driven first-person shooter has inspired a ton of different merchandise and random bits and pieces that are a great way of demonstrating your love for the franchise, and also are rather useful in their own right. We thought we’d narrow the list down to the best Borderlands merch and gifts out there!

Each of the wares on offer here are sure to remind you of your love of Borderlands, as well as provide a useful purpose too. Well, in some cases, at least!

The Art of Borderlands 3

the art of borderlands 3 is a more sophisticated piece of borderlands merch

The world of Borderlands is a fascinating one. Besides there being plenty of opportunities for danger, Pandora is also rather beautiful to look at too. It’s a unique landscape and learning more about the art of Borderlands 3 through the book of the same name is sure to be a delight.

In the book are hundreds of pieces of dynamic concept art along with full-colour images that illustrate how the team behind the game brought the eccentric characters to life. There’s room too for learning how the diverse array of weaponry came to be, as well as a chance to read exclusive interviews with the artists and developers behind Borderlands 3.

The catch? It’s not out just yet. However, it’s sure to be a lovely piece of Borderlands merch around Christmas!

Borderlands Funko Pops

one of the many borderlands themed funko pop figures

Funko Pops are a cute way of demonstrating your love of a franchise while also giving you something fun to stick on the mantelpiece or shelf. Ok, so they collect dust and they’re not entirely practical, but there’s a certain charm that means Funko Pops are almost always a hit with gamers.

We’ve highlighted the Funko Pop figurine of Emperor Claptrap because he’s simply the coolest out there, but there’s room for plenty of other Borderlands characters including Lilith the Siren, Mad Moxxi, and Handsome Jack. Whatever you pick, they’re charming purchases.

Claptrap Key Chain

a plushy claptrap for your keychain would make a lovely borderlands gift

You’ve got us. We really love Claptrap and we’ve managed to track down two great key chains to demonstrate that love. On the one hand, you can enjoy a Pocket Pop! solid keychain or you can buy a plushie version of Claptrap.

The latter is a fair bit larger in size, but if you’re prone to misplacing your keys, this is a sure-fire way of never doing that again. Alternatively, you can always place it on your bag for safekeeping.

Psycho Heat Changing Mug

for when you really want to show off your fandom there's these borderlands psycho mugs

We all need to drink, right? This Psycho Heat Changing Mug surrounds the character with roses as soon as you add hot water to the container. Whether it contains hot or cold liquids, it looks artistic and eye-catching.

It’s also suitably sturdy and practical, making it an ideal choice for hot drinks at home or in the office.

Borderlands Messenger Bag

a messenger bag with claptraps iconic mug on the front

A messenger bag is incredibly useful when you want to carry your laptop, notebooks, tablet, and other bits and pieces around with you. An even better messenger bag is one that looks cool. That’s the case with this Borderlands Messenger Bag that’s designed after Claptrap (look, we really love him, ok?).

Officially licensed by 2K Games, it’s a well-made polyester bag that has a good quality zip to store all your important stuff behind. The zipper also has a Hyperion logo on it for extra appeal. Inside are numerous pockets, plus there’s an outside one too for easy access. It’s a great piece of Borderlands merch for being responsible but not too responsible.

Borderlands T-Shirts

for some classic borderlands merch here's a range of t-shirts

There’s no shortage of Borderlands 3 t-shirts out there, but we’ve focused on two particularly stylish options.

There’s one that offers a picture of Claptrap along with the ‘Cl4p-Tp Interplanetary Ninja Assassin‘ logo. Then there’s the rather quirky ‘Believe in your dreams‘ shirt, which depicts Claptrap riding upon Butt Stallion towards their hopes and dreams. Either option is pretty good for a gaming t-shirt with an original twist.

Claptrap Controller and Smartphone Stand

This little claptrap figures is capable for charging everything from phones to controllers

Want Claptrap to prop up your smartphone or controller while it’s charging? This 8″ tall Claptrap stand is what you need. It’s not out just yet, but it’s a great gift for the avid Borderlands fan and one of the most quirky pieces of Borderlands merch out there.

It’s compatible with all PlayStation and Xbox controllers along with most smartphones and includes a 2-meter type C charging cable. Simply place the device on Claptrap’s arms and it’s safely supported while it charges away.

Borderlands Poster

for a wide range of borderlands merch you can pick from many of these posters

Like with t-shirts, there’s no shortage of poster options out there but we reckon these stylish entries from Redbubble are perfect for the more discerning lover of Borderlands merch.

Of the lot, we like this Claptrap in an artistic photographic style print. In it, he gets overexcited about dubstep in the only way he can. Printed on professional photo paper, it has a fine grain pebble texture with a glossy finish that will look delightful behind a photo frame. Perfect for a classy games room, and a touch above the average games poster.

Borderlands 3 Ducks

Here's the quirkiest item of borderlands merch - a psycho duck

Growing in popularity almost as much as Funko Pops, a cosplaying duck collectable is hard to resist. These officially licensed ducks are available for a variety of different Borderlands characters.

Each offers an iconic hand-inked effect and comes in a collector’s display box if you want to display it that way.

They’re all made from high-quality PVC plastic and stand at 9cm tall so they’re eye-catching but not too big either. Choose from Psycho, Moxxi, Tina, Brick, Maya, Troy, Lilith, or Tyreen.

Borderlands Rose Scented Candle

to create the ultimate environment for playing Borderlands 3 here's a candle

Roses are a big thematic part of Borderlands 3 so how about you smell roses while you play? That’s possible with this Borderlands 3 scented candle. The outside of the box depicts red roses and Psycho in all his glory while the red candle inside burns bright for roughly 40 hours, wafting roses your way the whole time.

It’s the definition of a novelty themed gift but that’s what makes it all the more appealing. If you’re keen to enjoy a delightful scent while you hole up working your way through Borderlands 3, this is the perfect accompaniment.

And that brings us to the end of our collection of the best Borderlands merch. Hopefully, you’ve found something in here that helps you declare your love of Borderlands or has given you inspiration for some Borderlands gift ideas.

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