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What you need to know about Ring Fit Adventure: price, release date, Ring-Con accessory, and more

Heard about that new Nintendo ‘thing’? There’s a game called Ring Fit Adventure and a new accessory called the Ring-Con. But, then, it’s also known as the Nintendo Switch Ring Fit? It’s really not the most intuitive sounding of names. That’s OK, though, because we’re on hand to decipher everything you need to know about it.

Likely to be the next big thing in Nintendo’s burgeoning catalogue of quirky add-ons that make it one of the most distinctive games companies out there, there’s a lot to learn about and we’re pretty sure you’re going to be intrigued.

Besides telling you all about the Ring-Con (and the games that work with it for Nintendo Switch), we’ll also deliver the Ring Fit Adventure release date, the best price for Ring Fit Adventure and where you can pre-order it right now.

What is Ring Fit Adventure?

one of the battles from ring fit adventure

Glad you asked! Described as a cross between Wii Fit and Final Fantasy, it’s a bit more than just a gimmicky game keen to get you up and about. You play a hero in a mystical land who must vanquish evil through exercise rather than the usual method of well-timed button presses. The usual RPG style mechanics are there such as being able to level up, improve your skills, and earning money. However, you do so by jogging on the spot then squeezing the ring at the right time to gain power and jump.

Attacks are conducted by holding squats and performing yoga-style poses. Calming, this is not! Defensive actions tend to involve holding in on your abdomen so that’s hardly relaxing either. It sounds weird but it’s also a surprisingly intense workout. Each level should only take a few minutes to complete but you’ll rarely stop moving, making it a solid workout while you play.

The game is on-rails but it’s structured like other games with boss battles at regular points too. It’s meant to be pretty long too with solid RPG elements thrown in for good measure.
It also offers a separate workout mode for when you simply want to get the muscle burn without progressing in the game. There are mini-games too, setting up Ring Fit Adventure as the perfect introductory title for this technology.

Won’t Ring Fit Adventure be really noisy?

There’s a ‘quiet’ mode. You can use that if you’re playing at night. It has you performing squats instead of jogging on the spot so don’t expect to relax!

a mini game from ring fit adventure

Are there any other titles for the Ring-Con?

None have been announced yet but we’d be incredibly surprised if more weren’t on the way. After all, the balance board had over 100 games available to it in its time, and that seemed a lot simpler than the Ring-Con.

Starting out with a ‘proper’ RPG can only mean good things for the future of this quirky add-on!

Does it work with the Nintendo Switch Lite?

Nintendo says yes! But, you’ll need to purchase separate Joy-Cons to use it so this is a bit of an expensive option to pursue. Head to our page on the best Nintendo Switch Lite accessories to find them for a good price.

When is the Ring Fit Adventure release date?

The release date for Ring Fit Adventure is 18th October. The Ring-Con will launch on the same day too. Both will be available in a single box with Ring Fit Adventure game, plus the Ring-Con and Leg Strap accessories.

get running with the ring fit adventure release date on 18th October

What is the price of Ring Fit Adventure?

Ring Fit Adventure will cost £69.99 in the UK and $79.99 in the US. That is all that’s between you and the game, Ring-Con accessory and Leg Strap.

Where can I pre-order Ring Fit Adventure?

Currently, pre-orders for Ring Fit Adventure are live at GAME, Amazon UK, and the Nintendo Store for £69.99. ShopTo has reduced that RRP a teensy bit with their pre-order coming in at £67.85.

In the US, you can place your Ring Fit Adventure pre-order at Best Buy, Target and GameStop.

What is the Switch Ring-Con?

a person using the ring-con accessory with ring fit adventure

Tying into the Joy-Con name but, well, ring-based, the Ring-Con is a rubber fitness band that you place a Joy-Con controller into in order to interact with the Switch with your body. Basically, it’s like an oversized controller that you can hold like a giant steering wheel or you can attach it to your leg with an official leg strap. Player movement is then tracked through numerous fitness activities.

Instead of pressing buttons, the ring is able to sense and react to your movements with the leg strap sensing your lower body such as if you’re jogging on the spot. Even squeezing in on the Ring-Con does something – it creates a blast of air in-game.

Who’s it for?

Nintendo always loves to be inclusive when it comes to gaming so the answer to this is ‘mostly everyone’. At least assuming you’re able-bodied. The key demographics seem to be families and casual gamers – those people that don’t want to spend hours sitting in front of the TV and want to get active in a different way than merely going for a walk or jog.

If it’s anything like other Nintendo products, the Ring-Con experience looks pretty easy to get to grips with so it should be ideal for people who don’t really have a clue about gaming usually.

Isn’t this a bit like Wii Fit?

Kind of. Wii Fit was based around the Balance Board and that only had so many different ways of using it. The Ring-Con looks far more sensitive and liable to track your movements in a much more effective way than anything before it. Also, games like Ring Fit Adventure look a lot more enjoyable than Wii Fit.

That’s all we know about Ring Fit Adventure and the Ring-Con right now! We’re bound to hear some more info and impressions as the release date draws nearer, though. Until then, keep an eye on Jelly Deals for all the top gaming offers from around the web. For more Switch goodies, we’ve got the best price for Switch Lite right here. Plus, there’s our page dedicated to the best Nintendo Switch SD cards and cheap Switch Online deals.

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