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Final Fantasy VII Remake – where to find the best pre-order prices and bonus goodies

The day is almost here–the day that the remake of the PlayStation 1 classic Final Fantasy VII is released. Fans of the popular RPG series have been waiting for this for years, and finally, they’ll be able to enjoy part of their favorite story with completely overhauled systems, graphics, and more.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is one of the most anticipated titles for the PlayStation 4, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying to find some of the best deals for this game! Where can you get Final Fantasy VII Remake the cheapest? And which one of the pre-order bonuses will you choose? Our Final Fantasy VII Remake guide will help you decide!

Final Fantasy VII Remake release date

Final Fantasy VII Remake (or rather, the first episode) will release on the PS4 on April 10, 2020.

There will are two editions of Final Fantasy VII Remake to choose from. You can pre-order the Standard Edition, which is just the game, or the Deluxe Edition which comes with extra goodies. Technically, there was a third version with the Square Enix store exclusive 1st Class Edition, but that edition has been sold out for a while. If you’re looking to pre-order now, you’ll be deciding on whether you just want the base game or other goodies.

Final Fantasy VII Remake pre-order best price

The Standard Edition for Final Fantasy VII Remake will be $59.99/£49.99. For the time being, retailers are sticking to that price, although there was a period of time last year where pre-orders were around $50 instead. All pre-orders receive the Chocobo Chick Summon Materia, but other pre-order bonuses may be exclusive to certain retailers.


Final Fantasy VII Remake Deluxe Edition pre-order best price

The Deluxe Edition of Final Fantasy VII Remake will be $79.99/£79.99. This edition will include the game, the Chocobo Chick Summon Materia, the Cactuar Summon Materia, a steelbook case, artbook, and mini-soundtrack case. Retailers haven’t really been offering discounts on this edition, so your choice of store will probably come down to additional pre-order bonuses.

Best Buy is also offering a special version of the Deluxe Edition that comes with some extra goodies for $99.99. Also, oddly enough, the Deluxe Edition is more limited in terms of which UK retailers to grab it from, as opposed to US retailers.


Final Fantasy VII Remake pre-order bonuses

With pre-order prices just about equal for Final Fantasy VII Remake, where you pre-order from may just as well come down to who is offering the best pre-order bonus. Most major retailers have their own unique bonuses in the US, so choose carefully!

At Gamestop, pre-orders will net you a special serialized Shrina Key Card and a collectible tin to keep it in. At Amazon US, you’ll get a dynamic theme featuring the game’s main villain, Sephiroth. If you go with Best Buy, the Deluxe Edition for $99.99 comes with a zippered canvas pouch and a sticker sheet. From the Square Enix Store, you’ll get a free lanyard deck out with character art for the game. Finally, Walmart has three double-sided art cards with a pre-order… but only of the Standard Edition.

In the UK, if you pre-order from GAME you’ll get Avalanche and Sam’s Delivery Service patches. Pre-ordering from Argos will get you a 7th Heaven coaster set. Amazon UK also has the exclusive Sephiroth theme. Lastly, Currys PC World is currently running a promotion where you’ll get six months of Spotify Premium for free. That’s not exclusive to Final Fantasy VII Remake, but it’s still pretty neat!

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