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Best Valentine’s Day Kitchen Gifts and Homemade Meals

Candles lit, music playing, sunset in the background and (most importantly) the smell of home-cooked food floating through your home. The best couple’s meals on Valentine’s Day are those that bring you together and have both of you contribute to something delicious; a fun activity that turns into a romantic dinner. With that in mind, we’ve laid out what you’ll need for the best homemade meals for couples on Valentine’s Day, allowing you to have a delicious dinner and a perfect day.

Of course, if you’re more interested in the best breakfast in bed for your beloved one, we’ve got that written out too! Check out that page for more options, or go all in on a perfect Valentine’s Day that nobody can forget by reading on.


Valentines Day dinner fondue

A good fondue set can be a perfect thing to take you through supper, a perfect rich centrepiece surrounded by delicious dipping extras to make the most out of it. Ham, cornichons, fresh bread, carrot sticks, whatever you want – and if you’re soppy enough to feed each other food, it’s perfect for that as well. Buy the Villeroy & Boch fondue set to bring it outside and cook without need for outlets or big gas tanks!

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Valentines day dinner pizza

Staying with cheese for the moment, pizza is one of those things that pretty much everybody loves, but nobody can agree on when it comes to a specifics. So why have a disagreement at all? Bake your own fresh pizzas with toppings of your choice, either in your oven with a pizza stone, or (if you’re feeling especially fancy) outside with a brand new garden pizza oven? Home-cooked is always best, pizza is easy to make, and the tools will work wonderfully for dinners and parties forever. There’s a variety of options to pick from, the best of which we’ve outlined for you below.

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Valentines Day Sushi dinner

Delicious, moreish, delicate, varied. Nothing draws lovers of cuisine together like a platter of well-made sushi, and nothing demonstrates skill and creativity like putting it together. Bring a sumptuous range of ingredients and spend some time with a sushi-making kit so you can share your favourite dish together. And while you’re at it, why not invest in a great rice cooker? It’ll either make a great gift, or be a solid staple of your kitchen.

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Gourmet Pasta/Italian Food

Valentines Day dinner homemade pasta maker

For those who really want to get the most out of their kitchen and show off their skills, homemade pasta crafted in a pasta maker is a delicious way to flex your cuisinal skills and put a little bit of flourish into your fettuccine. Not only that, but you can brew up a delicious sauce in a new slow cooker, or fill your recipe repertoire through a pasta recipe book that’ll ensure you never have to make the same meal twice, or that you can always find the one you love. Or why not make it a gift for the beloved chef in your life?

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