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World Book Day 2021: Best reading subscription services

Reading these days doesn’t have to be limited to bookstores and printed ink – now there’s all manner of subscription services out there to download eBooks right to your personal devices! Whether on phone, eReader or computer, we’ve listed the best reading subscription services for you to check out, how much they cost and what they have to offer.

Of course, this is all part of our larger celebrations of World Book Day, which we’ve made into a full week to celebrate our love of reading and literature! Click the link to see our full selection, or read on to find out more!

Best eBook Subscription Service: Scribd/Kindle Unlimited

Kindle unlimited books available

If you’re looking for the best possible subscription for eBooks, we were actually torn between two very good options: Scribd and Kindle Unlimited. On the face of it, there isn’t a huge difference between the two: there’s well over a million books to choose from in both, including some audiobooks and magazine subscriptions, as well as being accessible from a variety of devices and consoles.

However – and this is important – Amazon Kindle has some notable gaps in its library, as five of the biggest publishers (together comprising about 60% of the industry) have declined to make any real commitment to many services, including Kindle. Scribd is the same way, admittedly, but slightly better off than Amazon is, meaning that you’ll probably have a bit more variety in big-name titles when it comes to Scribd. Then again, you can always check their respective catalogues in advance to see which one has the kind of books you’re interested in, and go from there! In fact, both include free trials for you to make sure you’re into them before you commit to money (a recurring theme in these services, as you’ll see).

Best Magazine/Newspaper Online Subscription: Readly

Readly Magazine subscirption examples

Magazines and newspapers never died, they just found new life online! Well, assuming people actually read them. Fortunately there’s still people out there who love classic journalism and magazines alike, and for those who care about such things, the best option is probably Readly, which offers more than 5000 different magazine subscriptions for the cost of… well, about two-three magazines a month. So if you were planning on reading three magazines or more in thirty days – and why wouldn’t you, when there’s 5000 different options – this is probably the best option you’re likely to get. Again, there’s a month’s free trial,and you can check out the full range of options at the link below.

Best Comic Book Subscription Service: Comixology

Comixology Subscription service examples

Amazon has something of a monopoly on reading subscriptions for two reasons – firstly, they started their existence as a book-selling site, so reading material is their bread and butter, not to mention that every time a really good subscription service emerges, they just… buy it for themselves. Consequently the best option for comic book-reading subscription services is Amazon’s own Comixology Unlimited. It offers over 20,000 comic titles to read and download to your devices… but that’s depending on where you live.

See, Comixology Unlimited is only available in the US, meaning that while those outside America can buy comic books and graphic novels through the Comixology Store, they can’t subscribe to the Unlimited service. The best contenders besides for UK-based comic lovers tend to be linked to specific publishers – and of those, the best is probably Marvel Unlimited. It’s technically not available in the UK either, but it won’t actively bar UK participants from using it, instead just converting all your bills to dollar amounts. Otherwise at time of writing it should work fine, and you’ll get the vast majority of Marvel’s back catalogue to enjoy.

Best Audiobook Subscription Service: Audible

Audible best sellers examples

Again, this is an example of Amazon seeing something that works and buying it. And Audible absolutely does work as an audiobook subscription service – it’s got over 200,000 titles to choose from, gives you a free audiobook credit to redeem every month, and major discounts on the vast majority of their titles, as well as a few free downloads for members on some serious classics. You can also keep any audiobooks you bought if you cancel the service, so you’ll never lose anything by quitting.

Of course, we’ve got plenty more pages in our celebration of World Book Day! Check out the best eReaders and reading devices to make the most out of these new subscriptions, or take a look at all the best long-running series you can enjoy here! Or you can always head to the Jelly Deals Twitter for deals, discounts and staff recommendations on books and more!

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