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Author: Alan Wen

Today’s best deals – Monday 16th March

In today’s best deals, we’ve got the best prices for upcoming games that will be perfect for helping you get through staying home, including Persona 5 Royal, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Trials of Mana, as well as savings on the Capcom Home Arcade and a pro gaming mouse.

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Ghost of Tsushima pre-order best price – where to buy the Collector’s Edition

Ghost of Tsushima is among the last of Sony’s first-party exclusives for the PS4 that’s set to round off a very strong showing for this console generation of cinematic story-driven single-player games. Here’s our look at some of the best Ghost of Tsushima pre-order prices and where you can find the Ghost of Tsushima Collector’s Edition if you’re excited for Sucker Punch’s latest.

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PlayStation 5 best price and release date – where to pre-order the PS5

The next generation of PlayStation is officially coming later this year in the form of PlayStation 5, so we’ve gathered up as much information as possible about its launch. It’s still early days as Sony have yet to officially unveil its PS5 other than its logo. There’s also no best price yet as retailers haven’t announced their PS5 pre-order allocation yet, but it won’t be too far away and this is the perfect time for you to figure out what you’re saving up for.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons – where to find the best price and pre-order bonus goodies

While we still wait with bated breath the first Nintendo Direct of 2020, that leaves Animal Crossing: New Horizons as the sole contender of the Switch’s most anticipated first-party title coming this year. With just a couple months before you can escape to your very own deserted island courtesy of Tom Nook’s latest money-making enterprise, we’ve gathered everywhere you can pre-order a copy for the best price right here.

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