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The best Borderlands merch and gifts in 2019

Borderlands 3 is very nearly upon us and, well, that’s rather exciting, isn’t it? Somewhat logically, the loot-driven first-person shooter has inspired a ton of different merchandise and random bits and pieces that are a great way of demonstrating your love for the franchise, and also are rather useful in their own right. We thought we’d narrow the list down to the best Borderlands merch and gifts out there!

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Enjoy the weirdness of the Borderland games with all three, plus DLC for £13.49 / $16.49

The Borderlands series, with all of its quirky writing and irreverent humour, still manages to be an incredibly solid and replayable series of games. A bizarre hybrid of first person shooter and RPG, it also harboured an absolute ton of downloadable add-ons. Right now, at Bundle Stars, you can pick up all three games along with all the DLC for Borderlands 2, all for £13.49 / $16.39.

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