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Best 4K monitor in 2018: is a UHD monitor worth it?

No matter what you use your monitor for most of the time – whether it’s designing, gaming, animating, writing, or something else entirely – nabbing yourself an excellent 4K monitor is vital. Sure, games and movies can look glorious in 1080p, but once you see a 4K image you’ll never want to go back. However, there are a lot of choices out there, and some options and most certainly better than others. Whatever job you need a monitor for, and whether you want a sharp screen for work or play, our list of the best 4K monitors available right now should help you decide.

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Nab 12% off an immersive LG 25″ Ultrawide IPS Gaming Monitor

Featuring a 21:9 UltraWide FHD display, this immersive 25” gaming monitor is 12% off at Ebuyer. Featuring a black stabiliser feature which helps spot enemies hiding in the dark, and Dynamic Action Sync for attacking enemies with less lag time. You can also customise your workspace by resizing multiple windows into one split screen, besides a multitude of other features that making this perfect for both games and work.

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Don’t be afraid of the dark: Save 20% on this top-notch 27” gaming monitor

Nab this ViewSonic monitor at Amazon, where it’s 20% off. Featuring a not-too-shabby 165Hz refresh rate, as well as NVIDIA’s G-Sync Technology, you’ll enjoy incredibly fluid game-play during even the most fast-paced sequences. Plus, there’s plenty of specific modes to help you up your game, like a Dark Boost function that helps you target baddies sitting in the darkness, and unique setups to optimise a range of specific game genres such as shooters.

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Perfect Hue-man: Save up to 34% on a BenQ monitor optimised for designers and artists

Amazon’s current price for this 24” BenQ monitor is up to 34% less than that of other retailers. If you’re looking for the perfect Photoshop, animation and 3D modelling screen, this is one of your best bets. Vivid colours are accurately reproduced (100% colour precision), and it also features a 2560 x 1440 2k/QHD resolution, an IPS panel and ultra-wide viewing angles. Additionally, there are special modes for animation and modelling.

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Best price on a super sleek 22″ Samsung HD monitor great for gaming

This samsung screen is an excellent budget gaming choice, and is it’s lowest price over at the Argos Ebay outlet (currently up to £125 in other stores). Featuring a sleek 10mm one-piece panel that’s twice as thin as standard Samsung monitors, this screen also features a Gaming Mode that instantly optimizea screen colours and contrast. It’s resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels, allowing for a HD experience.

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Up your game with 25% off a Lenovo 27” Full HD curved gaming monitor

This great value gaming monitor is 25% off at LaptopsDirect. There’s 27 inches of panoramic, high-contrast, full HD viewing packed in this monitor, as well as a dramatic 178° viewing angle. With a curved panel optimised for gaming, this screen also features much lauded NVIDIA G-SYNC display technology, which synchronises the refresh rate to the GPU — laying waste to lag and stutter. It’s a display that’s designed to up your game in every way.

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Seriously upgrade your Game with 43% off an Acer Predator 27” Curved monitor with eye-tracking

Save 43% on this top-of-the-range Acer Predator Z271 curved gaming monitor over at Amazon. It has a 27” wide curved screen for an immersive gaming experience, and also features eye-tracking — allowing you to literally look, aim and shoot. Additionally, NVIDIA G-SYNC eliminates tearing and minimises stutter, ensuring stunning visuals whatever you’re plugged into. The actual monitor itself looks pretty epic to boot! If you’re looking for an immersive monitor, this one’s just the ticket.

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Best gaming monitor in 2017

So you’ve got yourself a nice, powerful gaming PC with your favourite accessories. The next step? Getting yourself the best gaming monitor to match your rig. Finding the perfect gaming monitor is not by any means an easy task, though, as there are countless different versions. So which ones are the best gaming monitors for your money? Let’s take a look.

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