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Seriously upgrade your Game with 43% off an Acer Predator 27” Curved monitor with eye-tracking

Save 43% on this top-of-the-range Acer Predator Z271 curved gaming monitor over at Amazon. It has a 27” wide curved screen for an immersive gaming experience, and also features eye-tracking — allowing you to literally look, aim and shoot. Additionally, NVIDIA G-SYNC eliminates tearing and minimises stutter, ensuring stunning visuals whatever you’re plugged into. The actual monitor itself looks pretty epic to boot! If you’re looking for an immersive monitor, this one’s just the ticket.

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Best Destiny gifts and merchandise: Destiny hoodies, action figures, and more

Destiny is one of the few games to maintain loyal fan-base dedicated to playing on a regular basis years after launch. Following Destiny 2’s release earlier this month, follower numbers are on the up! Whether you’re a Warlock, Titan or Hunter, or you are seeking a Destiny gift for a fan of the series, we’ve got something for you. Let’s take a look at our guide to all the Destiny series merchandise and gifts online currently.

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National Video Games Day 2017 epic game deals

Steeped in centuries of tradition, National Video Games Day is ritually observed by snacking, gaming marathons and caffiene-induced mayhem. Let’s take a moment to celebrate the manifold gifts games have given us over the years (snack-y sacrifice will suffice). Here are some the biggest deals on the most iconic titles,  perfect for bingeing with friends (or in humble, reverent solitude)  on this most sacred of days.

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