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Star Wars Day: Best Star Wars Costumes for May the 4th

In case you’ve been locked in a trash compactor with a Dianoga inside it (and well done for surviving that), you’ll know that May 4th is International Star Wars Day. It’s a day upon which all rebel scum, the Imperial faithful and a couple of bounty hunters here and there celebrate the space opera works of one George Lucas.

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Star Wars Day: Best Star Wars Gifts for May the 4th

If you’re a Star Wars fan you’ll have marked your calendar for May 4th, International Star Wars day. While some Rebel scum will have booked the day off to play Star Wars games (they’re the sensible ones) others may be scrabbling around to find a trinket for the Star Wars fan in their life. Thing is, there’s a lot of merch with the Star Wars brand stamped on it and you probably want to make sure you’re picking up a quality item.

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Star Wars Day: Best Star Wars Games for May the 4th

This week Star Wars fans across the globe will likely have booked Friday off for Star Wars Day. No, it’s not an official holiday, but since around 2008, the Jedi faithful have been celebrating the Star Wars franchise every May 4th – ‘May the 4th be with you’ is their pun-tastic catchphrase. If you’ve decided to embrace the Force rather than work this Friday, you may want to lose yourself in a Star Wars game.

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