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The best Nintendo Switch Lite accessories: cases, screen protectors, chargers, controllers, and more

So, you’ve got your Nintendo Switch Lite pre-ordered and you can’t wait for the big day later this week when it shows up. Well then, this is the perfect time to also purchase a few of the best Nintendo Switch Lite accessories to enhance your gaming fun.

What are the best Nintendo Switch Lite accessories?

Now, some of these are a little more essential than others, but they’re all worth considering picking up. On this page, you’ll find all whole range of accessories for your Switch Lite, from carrying cases to power banks and charging stands. That’ll give you some choices whether you’re looking to protect your console or pick up some extras to make playing all your games more enjoyable!

Let’s take a look at what can make your gaming sessions even better, shall we?

ButterFox Switch Lite Case

The Switch Lite is even more portable than the Switch before it because, well, that’s its sole purpose. Do you need a Switch Lite case, then? Well, portability is fantastic but it does mean your beloved games console is at risk of knocks and scrapes while you rush around on your commute. The ButterFox Switch Lite Carrying Case is a great way of keeping your Switch Lite stuff secure.

It’s slim and light but offers a hard outer shell that protects your console from bumps and drops. An inner soft microfibre lining protects it from scratches too. There’s a handle for easy carrying around, along with storage for up to 19 game carts and a couple of SD card holders too. For more options, do take a look at our guide to the best Nintendo Switch Lite case.

Orzly Nintendo Switch Lite Screen Protector

Another easy way to damage your Nintendo Switch Lite is by scratching the screen. A good quality screen protector drastically reduces the risk, and we’d strongly recommend the Orzly Nintendo Switch Lite Screen Protector.

Previously a well-respected name in the smartphone screen protector world, Orzly has designed an ultra-thin 0.24 tempered glass for the Switch Lite which maintains the original touch and viewing experience while still being a highly durable surface. It’s scratch resistant and fingerprint repellant, too. The kit includes four screen protectors, four wet wipes, and four microfibre cloths so it’ll easily last you the lifetime of your Switch Lite.

200GB SanDisk SD Card

An SD card is one of the best Nintendo Switch Lite accessories

The Switch Lite’s built-in memory won’t last you forever. It’s definitely worthwhile buying an SD card to go alongside the internal memory. The SanDisk 200GB SD Card is the best all-rounder here. It’s well priced, highly reliable, and speedy too so you won’t feel like your games are taking a while to load.

Ok, so it’s not the most exciting looking item but our list of the best Nintendo Switch Lite accessories just wouldn’t be completed without one. And just think how good you’re going to feel when you’re constantly buying things in the Nintendo eShop sales and you never run out of space!

Looking for other SD card options? We’ve got you covered with our look at the best SD cards for Nintendo Switch.

Anker PowerCore 20100 Power Bank

When you’re on the move and gaming, the last thing you want is to run out of power. The Anker PowerCore 20100 Power Bank is a great way of ensuring you’ve almost always got some spare juice while you play.

It offers a high capacity of 20100mAH while weighing as little as a tin of soup. It comes with a Micro USB cable and a travel pouch, with you easily able to use the Switch Lite charging cable with it. It should keep you sustained until you reach another source of power.

Want to know more about power banks? We’ve got plenty of options in our collection of the best power banks for Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers

A pair of Joy-Con controllers you'll need for some games on the Nintendo Switch Lite

While the Nintendo Switch Lite seems like a device heavily leaning on being a single player bundle of joy, you can still play two player games, providing you have an extra pair of Joy-Cons.

These are available in Grey, Neon Green/Neon Pink, Neon Red/Neon Blue, and Neon Yellow, so there’s something for you, no matter what your taste in accessories happens to be. Of course, you do need to make sure you can charge them somehow…

KINGTOP Joy-Con Charging Dock

Yup, you definitely need a Joy-Con Charging Dock as it’s not like you can swap Joy-Cons in and out on the Switch Lite like you can with a regular Switch. The KINGTOP Joy-Con Charging Dock is a great option. It’s small, inexpensive, and it offers enough room to charge four Joy-Con controllers in about three and a half hours.

An individual transparent square column indicates the charge status for each Joy-Con so you can see at a glance when the controllers are good to go. It’s simple to slide them into the charger too, so you don’t have to worry about any misconnections.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

A Pro Controller is a great option for Nintendo Switch Lite owners keen to up their game a bit. The built-in Joy-Cons are all well and good when you’re playing simpler games, but for titles like shooters, intricate moves in Super Smash Bros, or simply because you want to feel more in control, you need a Pro Controller.

It’s a worthwhile investment particularly if you’re more used to the conventional controllers of systems like the Xbox One or Playstation 4, and you’ll be impressed what a difference it makes. It also re-introduces HD rumble to the Switch Lite – something that its built-in Joy-Cons don’t provide. Altogether, you can see why we think it’s the best Nintendo Switch controller you can buy.

Hori Charging Stand

The Nintendo Switch Lite needs this as it doesn't have a kickstand.

The Nintendo Switch Lite isn’t designed for tabletop gaming which is why it doesn’t have a kickstand like the Switch. However, you can mimic it to an extent with the Hori Charging Stand.

The unit places the Switch in an angled position allowing you to easily view the screen while you play. It’s convenient for when you’re gaming with a Pro Controller, and you don’t want to prop up the Switch Lite on a surface.

Just a heads up, you might find this Hori Nintendo Switch Dual USB Playstand a better choice in the future but it’s not currently available.

Zeato Car Charger

For those times when you’re travelling by car, one of the best accessories for your Nintendo Switch Lite is this Zeato Car Charger to keep your console charged and ready to go.

The small but powerful 5 volt/2.4A charger has a long and durable charging cable so you can easily use it from the backseat as well as the passenger seat. There’s power surge protection against the risk of overheating or over current, plus it’s compatible with any other device that has USB-C female ports. What more could you need from a simple but useful gadget?

Turtle Beach Recon 70N Headset

Gaming on the move can mean you miss out on hearing all the great soundtracks that many games offer. Instead, buy a quality headset like the Turtle Beach Recon 70N and you won’t miss a sound.

Its lightweight design means it’s comfortable to wear for hours upon hours, plus it’s no great effort to carry around either. It has 40mm over-ear speakers that provide decent highs and steady lows for the price, with synthetic leather-wrapped ear cushions ensuring you feel comfy about wearing them.

It works with all other games consoles, as well as the PC and smartphones, so its added flexibility is sure to be useful to you.

And there you have it, our look at some of the best Nintendo Switch Lite accessories you can currently buy. Of course, the console’s release is right around the corner, so we will absolutely be returning to update this page should we spot any more worthwhile purchases over the coming weeks.

In the meantime, why not take a look at our guide to the best price for Nintendo Switch Lite for everything you need to know about the upcoming console?

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