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The best Amazon Kindle cases available right now

Kindles are, far and away, the most popular E-reader on the market today and there are certainly no signs of that changing anytime soon. These days, choosing which Kindle you want is hard enough, let alone figuring out what case you want to put it in. Whether you’re after something fun or something secure, we’ve taken a look at the very best Amazon Kindle cases available right now and picked out some favourites.

Once you’ve chosen and purchased your brand new device, be it a tablet computer, a Nintendo Switch or one of the various Kindle E-readers, you’ll be well advised to protect it as best you can. One of the better ways of doing just that is to get yourself a nice, protective case for it to sit in. It’s a careful balance to strike and everyone’s priorities will be different – some may value security and sturdiness over design while others will prefer their Kindle case to look good rather than focused solely on protection. Whatever you elect to go with, it’s good to know what sort of options are out there for you. After checking those out, you’ll be able to make a better-informed purchase that suits you.

Best Kindle Paperwhite Cases

The Kindle Paperwhite is the current best-seller of the entire Kindle product lineup, balancing tech, functionality and affordability quite wonderfully. Paperwhites traditionally cost around £110 in the UK and $120 in the US. Add to that some semi-frequent price drops when sale season comes around and you have a very attractive offering. So, if the Paperwhite is your E-reader of choice, your next step will be finding the right case for one of these things. Here are a few of our top picks for the best Kindle Paperwhite cases available.

Fintie SmartShell Case for Kindle Paperwhite

Fintie SmartShell Kindle Paperwhite Case

First up for the Paperwhite range, the Fintie SmartShell case. These cases are some of the most popular Paperwhite cases available on Amazon right now and with good reason. The SmartShell case offers a ridiculously thin profile, barely adds any weight to the Kindle itself, features a magnetic clasp on the opening and is available in a huge range of colours and designs. Everything from basic colours to slogans, infamous works of art and a variety of basic designs is available to pick from, all for one of the cheapest prices available, regardless of what territory you’re buying in. The Fintie SmartShell case is a good purchase whether you’re after a basic and subtle case or something a little more frivolous.

£11.99 from Amazon UK | $10.99 from Amazon US

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Leather Case

Amazon Leather Kindle Case

Of course, you can always go with Amazon’s own official Kindle Paperwhite case. These cases are quite similar in look to the Fintie cases but feature a deluxe leather covering with the added prestige of knowing that they’ve been produced by Amazon itself and tailor-made for each variation of the Kindle. You’ll be paying for the privilege, however, since these things aren’t the cheapest cases. One of these in any colour or style will cost you £30 / $40.

£29.99 from Amazon UK | $39.99 from Amazon US

Fintie Folio Book Style Paperwhite Case

Fintie Folio Case for Kindle Paperwhite

Now for something a little more elegant. In a stark contrast the Fintie’s ultra subtle SmartShell cases, the company also offers up this vintage-look faux-leather Folio style case for Paperwhites. Rather than maintain subtly, this case more closely resembles the kind of old book you’d display on your shelves proudly. As a nice added benefit, of course, it also protects your Kindle Paperwhite from any form of impact as well as keeping your screen tucked away at all times.

£16.99 from Amazon UK | $15.99 from Amazon US

Create your own case with Caseable

Create your own Case

If none of the already-made Kindle Paperwhite cases seem right to you, however, there is another option. Caseable is a bit of a unique website that offers you the ability to turn very nearly any photograph, design or image into its own Kindle Paperwhite case. You can choose from dozens upon dozens of already-designed cases or go ahead and make your own with images you upload from the comfort of your home computer. The cases themselves are also surprisingly sturdy and capable of protecting your device from the vast majority of afflictions it could come across.

Design your own Kindle Paperwhite Case from Caseable

Best Kindle Voyage Cases

Amazon Kindle Voyage Origami Case

Kindle Voyage Origami Case

When Amazon first intorduced the Kindle Voyage, it also introduced the bizarre looking Kindle Voyage Origami case. This case is designed to allow the user to fold the back of the case into a little origami stand in order to sit the Kindle upright for casual, laid-back reading times. Whether or not it actually ever gets used for that is another question. Either way, it’s a really unique look for an official case but one that will cost you a pretty penny if you opt to go for Amazon’s own varition. Specifically, it’ll run you £40 / $45.

£39.99 from Amazon UK | $44.99 from Amazon US

Fintie Kindle Voyage SmartShell Case

Fintie Voyage Kindle Case

On the cheaper end of the scale, Fintie is back once again with a variation of their more basic Kindle case options, this time with the Voyage in mind. As before, you’ll be getting a nice combination of solid, secure case framework along with accessibility and affordability, all rolled into one. Also just like before, this case is available in a huge array of designs and colours, feel free to click the link below to see them all.

£14.99 from Amazon UK | $13.99 from Amazon US

Genuine Leather Kindle Voyage Case from Boriyuan

Boriyuan Genuine Leather Kindle Voyage Case

One for the more stylish readers out there, this Genuine Leather Kindle Voyage Case, offered by Boriyuan is a very sleek and very nice option for anyone who wants their Kindle Voyage’s case to be a little less on the basic side and hold a little more prestige. This case will make you Kindle Voyage more closely resemble a fancy, deluxe notebook than an E-reader at first glance and whether that’s a good thing or not is up to you.

£29.97 from Amazon UK | Unavailable in the US

MoKo Amazon Kindle Voyage Case

MoKo Kindle Voyage Case

One of our personal favourites is this Kindle Voyage case from MoKo. Its design goes for simplicity while also giving off a very modern, kind of squared off, look, with edges and flat sides all over. It’s available in a number of colour variations, though none come close to replicating the minimalist feel that the black edition gives. It also features a magnetic clasp, just like the Fintie version does and is on the bargain end of the pricing spectrum, too, which helps.

£12.99 from Amazon UK | $12.99 from Amazon US

WalNew Origami Case for Kindle Voyage

Walnew Origami Kindle Voyage Case

For those who want the added benefit of the origami case design without paying through the nose to get it, you may want to check out the cheaper alternative offered up by casemaker WalNew. It’s a budget option, obviously, so you’ll be missing some of the extra frills that come with Amazon’s own origami case but at its core, this is a faux-leather case that offers up the same accessibility and design at a fraction of the cost. It’s hard to really see the bad side, here.

£12.99 from Amazon UK | $14.99 from Amazon US

Best Kindle Oasis Cases

MoKo Kindle Oasis Case

MoKo Kindle Oasis Case

Amazon’s Kindle Oasis is already a very strange looking device. It’s asymmetrical in both profile and face-on, so case makers have had to be extra creative when coming up with new designs. MoKo, makers of our top Kindle Voyage case pick, are offering up the widest range of options when it comes to Kindle Oasis cases. Firstly, the minimalist design returns in this hardback clamshell case, costing only £11 / $14.

£10.99 from Amazon UK  | $13.99 from Amazon US

MoKo Rubber Kindle Oasis Case (Blue)

MoKo Rubber Kindle Oasis Case

Alternatively, you can opt for MoKo’s rubber Kindle Oasis case instead, which comes in a few different (and slightly more fun) colour variants. It also features a clamshell (two-piece) design, connectivity with the Oasis itself and will protect your Kindle from surface damage of all kinds.

£9.99 from Amazon UK  | $12.99 from Amazon US

Fintie Kindle Oasis Case

Fintie Kindle Oasis Case

Last but not least, we have Fintie’s entry into the realm of Kindle Oasis cases. This microfibre covering does its best to emulate the Fintie cases seen on Paperwhite and Voyage models and accomplishes the vast majority of what it intends to. The cover itself is available in a range of colours and designs, allowing you to pick your favourite case from a selection.

£12.99 from Amazon UK  | $13.99 from Amazon US

That’s all for now! We’ve gone through our top picks for the best Kindle cases around right now. Have we missed any fantastic Kindle cases, though? Feel free to let us know on Twitter or Facebook and we’ll take a look.

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