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Black Friday

Cheap PlayStation Black Friday deals 2020

Whether you’re looking to get a PS4, any number of great games, or the upcoming PS5 for cheap, we’ve got all the details you need right here on how you can get a cheap PlayStation Black Friday deal in 2020. Just below we’ve listed all the best PS4 offers and discounts for Black Friday 2020 including consoles, games and accessories – all updated in real-time for you to check out over the next few weeks!

Where to find the best PlayStation Black Friday deals

One of the biggest consoles in the world, the PS4 is a great all-rounder. It has a broad selection of games for kids and adults alike, along with a built-in Blu-Ray player and various other entertainment options like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. And with the new PS5 coming out, it’s very likely that we’ll see greater discounts on the PS4 than ever, as the previous generation takes a step back for the next-gen demand. And speaking of which…

Will the PS5 be cheaper in the Black Friday sales?

It’s not completely impossible, but if it is the case that PS5s are cheaper, it won’t be by much. The PlayStation 5 is being released on the 12th/19th November (depending on your location) and will only be a week or two old when the Black Friday sale rolls around. That’s far too early to expect any major discounts, if any at all. The best we could likely hope is some small deductions or a couple of well-priced bundles. We’ll certainly update you if that’s the case, but otherwise, we can’t suggest getting too optimistic.

Best PS4 console deals

If you want to get a cheap PS4 Black Friday deal, there are two options open to you: the standard PS4, or the PS4 Pro, a more powerful version of the console that usually costs more, but can run bigger games without issue. We’ve all the best deals we found for both consoles just below, and we’ll be sure to keep adding and updating these as more info comes in!



A screenshot from PS4 game God of War

Best PS4 game deals

There are a variety of cheap PlayStation games going each time Black Friday rolls around, and 2020 looks to be no exception. You’ll be able to find mainstream big games, to small indie titles, both of which are for kids and adults. We’ve listed the best games and deals below, so be sure to keep an eye out until then! There’s also our page dedicated to finding the best PS Plus Black Friday prices, should you need to renew your subscription time.



Best PS4 accessory deals

A good PlayStation will always suffice on its own, but to get the most out of it, there are a lot of additional extras you can include for the best possible experience. Whether it’s more controllers, an extra hard drive for storage, or an online membership to play with friends, there’s plenty your PS4 can do with a little spare investment. We’ll show you where you can get those things below or you can just browse the best Black Friday gaming headset deals too!



Whatever you want in the Black Friday 2020 sales, we’ll have the best deals and discounts listed for you here at Jelly Deals for you. You can check out our similar pages on the Xbox Black Friday sales and the Nintendo Switch Black Friday bargains right here! To get the most out of your new console, you can also pair it with one of our cheap Black Friday TV deals.

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