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Black Friday

Cheap Xbox Black Friday deals 2020

As this year’s mega sales event rolls around again, many are looking for a cheap Xbox Black Friday deal – or even a Series X/S if you’re lucky! There’s rarely a better time to do so, as we go from one console generation to the next, with dozens of deals across the internet as part of this year’s Black Friday event. Don’t worry, we’ve outlined all the best offers just below for you to get the most out of it and save as much money as possible.

Where to find the best Xbox Black Friday deals

To get the cheapest Xbox One over Black Friday, you should keep an eye on this page as we get closer and go through the event, as we’ll be updating it with all the best Xbox Black Friday deals across the internet on consoles, games or accessories. We’ll show you where to find the best offers, as well as some gems you might not know about.

If you’re curious about the likely cost, that’s tricky – an Xbox One X or Xbox One S will likely be cheaper than last year, as the new generation Series X/S will split attention and drive the price of the older models down. Still, they’re still solid pieces of hardware with a huge library of games and built-in entertainment systems, so they were never going to be completely cheap. Still, if there was ever a time to get it, it’s now, just after the launch of the Series X and Series S. Let’s talk about those too, while we’re at it.

Will the Xbox Series X/S be cheaper in the Black Friday sales?

The Series X and Series S likely won’t be cheaper across Black Friday, and if they are discounted, it won’t be by a lot. When Black Friday arrives the Series X/S will only have been out for less than a month, and will still very much be the hot new item for a whole horde of people. Don’t expect it to be down much, but we’ll be sure to update the section below if there’s any good deals or bundles on the new consoles.

Xbox One X box

Best Xbox One console deals

Whether you’re looking for the smaller Xbox One S or the more powerful Xbox One X, the best deals you’re likely to find during Black Friday will be on refurbished or earlier models. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a heavy discount on any version of the console. We’ll lay out all the best deals just below as and when we find them.



Best Xbox One game deals

There are a lot of exclusive and big-name games on the Xbox, including titles and franchises exclusive to Microsoft like Halo, Gears of War, Sea of Thieves and Forza. We’ll let you know if any of those are going cheap, as well as any other great games and deals across Black Friday.



Of course, the other great option for getting a big library of games at a great price is to check out the Game Pass subscription service, which offers you hundreds of streamable games at no extra cost. Check out our page tracking the top Xbox Game Pass Black Friday offers for more details and discounts on the Game Pass!

Best Xbox One accessory deals

There’s no limit of accessories and extras you can match with a good Xbox to enhance and expand on its abilities, including extra controllers, a game pass membership, hard drives to expand memory, and much more. For more, check out our picks of the best Black Friday gaming headset deals.



That’s plenty of Xbox Black Friday bargains to be getting on with and yet there’s still so much more to pick from! We have similar pages on the Nintendo Switch Black Friday offers and PS4 Black Friday deals if you’re interested in other options for games. Or, why not pair your new console with a cheap Black Friday TV deal?

You can also check out the Jelly Deals Twitter page for a full range of offers and bargains, informing you of them the moment they appear!

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